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DSTR-Liquip Wagg aoffer the following key services:

  • Calibrations
  • Workshop
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Fabrication
  • Site Services

Workshop, Servicing & Repairs Overview

Our state of the art fuel systems can monitor, track and authorise fuel transactions to your machinery. Fuel can be tracked from the time it arrives on site to the time it is used in your machinery. FMS systems make it easier to monitor vehicles, from a single car to a large fleet of heavy equipment, across single or multiple sites. DSTR-Liquip Wagga offers a range of fuel management solutions to fit your requirements and budget.

Our range of Tank Gauging Systems make it easier then ever to monitor bulk fuel levels and identify water and other contaminents in your fuel. Our systems are easy to use, intergrate directly with your current computer network and can be accessed remotely throughout Australia. This means you can monitor multiple sites from one centralised office.

DSTR-Liquip Wagga can offer a range of storage solutions for your fuels and oils. We build and rent IBC storage vessels, construct large scale fuel storage facilities and offer a range of mobile and self bunded, storage tanks. From 1 to 1 millions litres, we can offer the correct solutions to your storage needs.

We offer a huge range of pumps tailored to suit our clients needs. From bulk unload pumps to fuel dispensers and bowsers, we have the right solution.

We specialise in fuel delivery hoses for the tankers – offering custom designed and made solutions on-site, as well as replacements.

Key Workshop and Servicing Abilities

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Address: 222 Urana St, Wagga Wagga NSW 2650

Phone: : +61 2 6925 2094


To assist in providing exceptional customer service, our workshops need all work to be booked in advance.
Breakdowns and emergency maintenance are an exception.   

For parts back up please contact customer service on +61 2 6925 2094.


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